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Assessing Finding Out Knowing Yourself Getting Results

Competitive Strength  from Excellence delivers strong growth, increased turnover, higher margins, more profits, increased customer satisfaction, market leadership, industry domination  and outstanding success.

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The Achievement Process
Last but not least - it is very easy to use - anywhere in the World

You will be sent an email with which gives you access to the Achievement Network web site where, in your own time, you complete an extensive Questionnaire.

Immediately after you complete this, you will receive your own personal Getting The Best Report - this can be up to 65 pages (in .PDF Format) including your Achievement Profile and an array of practical self coaching tools.

Implementation can be at several levels of increasing insight - e.g. significant additional value comes from personal 1:1 coaching feedback - ask us about the choices
You, and your teams, groups and organisation, will have a powerful, practical insight and process for getting things done –The Achievement Process – which is straightforward, easily understood and applied.

It measures your Activity Preferences in 3 dimensions; preferences under normal conditions, preferences communicated to others and how preferences can change under pressure.

It gives you an extremely cost effective, non-judgmental and safe route into Self-Discovery.   

It will work well for you because   
We know of no other tool which:

delivers you a  process for personal achievement improvement that also supports effective team working and group working –

3 dimensions of measurement of your personal activity role preferences –

constructive insight into your personal communications

practical assistance in managing your high pressure working

is so practical in enabling you and other people to connect what you and they learn to the realities in the workplace

Is personally totally non-judgemental