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About Us

The two founders and Managing Partners of Changeworld are Steve Goodman and Tony Ericson.  
We have worked together in two previous consulting organisations since 1992
We share an exceptional depth and spread of experience.  We have each been around long enough to do that.  When we first met we found that we were both determined to develop and achieve a Consultancy approach that was not the same as the consulting experiences we had both suffered during our previous careers.
That is why we in ChangeWORLD have always approached every assignment as a New Job.  It is why changing the way that people think is our chosen special expertise.  It is why we focus on helping clients learn how to acquire and embed “Changeability” into their organisations to sustain change.  It is why we are condensing our expertise into transportable, transferable, repeatable and robust tool sets For Others.
This is why we now want to share what we have learned with other deliverers of Change and Transformation of Performance
Steve Goodman has spent much of his career involved in change and innovation.  After an International education he has been a senior manager and director with companies in textiles, engineering and leisure and hospitality.
He has created and built the commercial and organisational aspects of several business organisations.   Since entering the consulting and training field in 1991 he has combined this experience with his deep understanding and affinity for working with people to help them change their organisations and the results they achieve.
Steve has worked with a wide variety of clients including Specialist Design and Manufacturing, Plastics, Electrical Contracting, Automotive, Brewing, Vehicle Distributors and Telecommunications sectors.   He has designed, managed and delivered Business Improvement, Manager Development, Coaching Skills, Achievement Coaching, Service Improvement, Performance Management, Team Development & Team Working, Advanced Sales Skills, Organisation and Culture Change programmes.
He is a gifted Executive Coach who has helped  a number of highly successful business leaders to transform their organisation’s performance and their own careers.  His ability to help people to maintain their strategic focus and motivation in the most demanding situations has proved to deliver enormous value both to ChangeWORLD and to our clients.
Steve has special expertise and experience of using service to create competitive advantage and to drive excellence into every aspect of an organisation.  He has gained a Diploma in Customer Service Management from Leicester University and is currently working on his dissertation to complete a MSc.  His knowledge and experience have also shaped our approach to working with ChangeWORLD clients which has an uncompromising focus on people and results.
Steve has also collaborated in The Achievement Network developments including the CSR.
For Tony Ericson change and innovation have been constant characteristics of his entire career.  A graduate engineer (M.A. Cantab), he started his working life in the automotive industry during a period of tremendous change for this sector. Pioneering work in Anti Skid systems led to several patents. He then helped pioneer changes in Engineering R&D Processes and  IT applications before making a complete change of discipline to become a senior sales executive developing new markets with leading edge CAD/CAM products.   
He became a consultant in 1992 to use this experience combined with his considerable intellectual capability to help people and organisations to learn how to meet the tremendous challenges of the changes they face.  He is a gifted Illuminator and can bring clarity of understanding to highly complex situations.
Tony’s client experience is very broad and includes Engineering (including Nuclear), Automotive industry, Electricity Supply, Electrical Contracting and Maintenance, Manufacturing ( wide variety of products and processes), Construction Contracting, Transport, Security systems, Pharmaceutical and Defence industry sectors.   Tony has implemented major Cultural Change programmes, Business Process Re-Engineering Support programmes, Advanced Coaching Skills training, Appraisal Skills development, Balanced Scorecard deployment programmes. He also is a gifted Coach especially in helping resolve leadership issues.
He has also designed and managed delivery of Operational Strategy reviews and development for large and small companies, Team development and Team Working at all levels, Continuous Improvement programmes, Advanced Persuasion & Influencing Skills programmes, Coaching Skills training, Continuous Performance Measurement and Appraisal programmes and Consultancy strategy development.  
Tony has special skills in design of programme architecture, materials and authorship that have been fundamental to the development of the ChangeWORLD tools, techniques and processes.  He has been instrumental in developments of The Achievement Network capabilities, most lately including the CSR.

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For Others?

Our learning from the last 15 years has crystallised into the ChangeWORLD tool sets described here.  

These practical and cost effective tools were originally developed to deliver exceptional value for money to our own Clients.

Now we are offering them  for use by


They can also provide valuable insights for


To find out more, and to discuss possible accreditation, please contact us

These are new ideas whose time has come.






There is much more detail available to you on the ChangeWORLD  Knowledge website

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